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Retail & Custom Camper Shells

Improve the functionality and appearance of your truck with retail and custom camper shells from U S A Camper Shell Manufacturing. Our shells are durable enough to provide your truck's bed with the ultimate in elemental protection. In addition to shells, we sell tonneaus, ladder racks, tool boxes, and all types of truck accessories that allow you to customize your truck to suit your specific needs.

Additionally, we buy and sell used campers from a variety of dealers, so stop by soon and find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Camper repairs and parts placement is available for your damaged campers.

Contact our camper shell makers and dealers in Montclair, California, for more information about campers and related equipment.

About Us

Maintain the appearance of your truck with products from our camper shell makers and dealers in Montclair, California. Since 1980, U S A Camper Shell Manufacturing has earned a reputation for providing customers with name-brand caps, shells, and tonneau covers. We have a knowledgeable English and Spanish speaking staff available to assist our customers, so feel free to ask us anything about our selections or custom services.

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